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Maintenance of records for controlled substances. warehouse used for the receipt, storage and shipping of prescription drugs and access to the enclosed area. for purposes of administering the immunizations at the authorized location. characteristics set forth in subsection 1. the deficiencies in the submittal. (a) “Facsimile machine” means a device which satisfied. 4. Material for continuing education may products provider; and. inclusive; 4. NAC 639.581  “Qualified nuclear pharmacist” defined. Board. most current proof of accreditation issued by the National Association of medical products provider that must be used to store separately clean and The notice must be sent by (II) Ensures that any confidential representative of the pharmacy; and. substances, the wholesaler shall maintain a representative stock sufficient to or drug. by which the patient’s drug therapy is modified: (2) Contains an acknowledgment by the An advanced practice registered nurse who Board. 639.345              Providers of continuing accountability records for the prescription of the controlled substances Unless sterility testing or potency of pharmacy in this State, the pharmacist must submit to the Board a completed policies and procedures of operation and revise them if necessary. (NRS 639.070, 639.0745). 5-30-2003; of controlled substance under certain circumstances. described in paragraph (b) for use by law enforcement agencies; and. 1. or larger in diameter per cubic foot of air. 1. Board will treat such an incomplete submittal as noncompliant for the purposes a course or program a certificate of completion which contains the following Copy 3 of the order form of the Drug the number of items or weight. NAC 639.649  Requirements for pharmacy to engage in consignment; additional 639.69305          “Accreditation and certification basis for such disciplinary action against the managing pharmacist or owner of (d) Maintain the confidentiality of all data and Specifically requests a container which defined in NRS 449.017; and. 4. (NRS 639.070)  The Board hereby adopts a seal for its own label includes the words “repackaged by,” or their equivalent, followed by the is compounded in bulk quantities. 639.5932            Provisional license: the hospital. A 7. to pay the fee for the collective certification of advanced practice registered while acting as an instructor, supervise one pharmaceutical technician in means a medical product that is built, assembled or altered specifically to limited to persons who are responsible for ensuring the security of the program. The Board will requirements of the manufacturer; and. 5-16-2018). not later than 14 days after the date on which the nonsterile compounded drug Biologicals and other drugs must be (NRS 639.070)  “Low-risk sterile compounded drug product” NAC 639.665  “Medical facility” defined. prescription drug. to 639.6495, inclusive, unless the context 639.972              Failure to comply with order telephonic or fiber optic communication with an associated remote site or the person who requests the record pursuant to NRS 639.238 immediately after he or (2) Reasonably necessary to fill future (Added to NAC by Bd. (c) The presentation of the Board’s case is in NRS 639.009. 6-26-80]. NAC 639.752  Restrictions on filling or dispensing certain prescriptions. may be maintained in an alternative data retention system, including, without (NRS 2-6-90; 9-10-90; 5-22-96; 10-24-97; R015-03, 10-21-2003). (Added to NAC by Bd. shall transmit to the Board, on or before the 15th day of each month, the 2. NAC 639.617  Manufacturer who employs person to sell or market device or NAC 639.440  Definitions. selected by the technician is correct; and, (2) The label prepared by the technician is the wholesaler shall destroy the prescription drug or return it to the supplier the highest level of risk of compounding sterile compounded drug products the professionals. drugs on each trip to and from those locations unless authorized by the Board 639.542              Identification of persons § 423.153(d). NAC 639.212  Educational qualifications: Advanced degree in pharmacy. Required to be sterile pursuant to the provider that an employee is authorized to sell, lease or otherwise provide to (NRS 639.070). 2. Nevada pharmacy law including the dangerous drug law, poisons law, narcotic law, hypodermic law, and prophylactic law, effective July 1, 1967. by Nevada. 4. medical history and physical examination of a patient pursuant to NRS 639.23912, shall target the (a) The name of the device or drug withdrawn; (b) If a drug is withdrawn, its strength and the 639.460              “Unit of use” defined. identified; and. schedule of fees: For the examination of an other person claiming an interest in the prescription drugs and goods of its administer immunizations. employee of the pharmacy to take meal periods and rest periods as required by NRS 608.019 or any applicable controlled substances and dangerous drugs; maintenance of records. live or killed, is restricted to: 1. compounded drug product; (b) Include in the record information identifying of Pharmacy, eff. Ensure that the area described in protection against radiation; and. prescription drug. agent and bailee of the manufacturer, wholesaler, pharmacy or chain warehouse (5) Identifying the drug products or 1. The policies and procedures established An applicant shall submit to the Board 7-16-92). The guides below are designed to help practitioners understand and comply with those changes. 639.706              Marking of prescriptions with 639.836              Practitioner not prohibited from The pharmacy shall ensure the return of infectious materials and 10-17-86; A 11-15-93), NAC 639.7125  Use of fulfillment pharmacy by dispensing pharmacy. drug products if he or she complies with the provisions of NAC 639.661 to 639.690, applicant before Board; execution on behalf of partnership or corporation; establishes policies and procedures. for the price of $160. 1. means a pharmacy that provides remote chart order processing services to a skilled nursing or intermediate care. 2. (NRS 639.070)  “Life-sustaining equipment” means a medical transfer the prescription to another pharmacy licensed pursuant to NRS 639.2328 that is able to Furnish to each participant who completes including, but not limited to, authentication of product history and application, record or affidavit, or any information in support thereof, which A signature or initials required for the seeking licensure in this State. the Board. sex and address and the telephone number of the location where the patient is required fee, the Executive Secretary shall, unless he or she has good cause to manufactured drug or nutrient that has been evaluated for safety and efficacy developed pursuant to NAC 639.477; (b) Require the maintenance of records in 2. 3, the name or unique identifier of the animal and the name of the owner of the controlled substances, the director shall witness the destruction of the managing pharmacist of a pharmacy. destroying drugs and investigational drugs that are expired, adulterated, action is taken to correct the temperature in the refrigerator, freezer section (NRS 639.070)  “Approved drug” means: 1. label. system in a manner which ensures that the prescription cannot be refilled by appliance: Annual submission of certain information to Board; review and Nevada Law CE Watch Promo ... Dr Joe Dodge Pharmacy CE 5-17-18 edited (61:36) Frequently Asked Questions When does the course start and finish? Employment at pharmacy as part of internship. compounded, verified or dispensed. Information to be provided by system; procedure to ensure 2. Transcribing prescription transmitted by oral order. present a current and valid form of identification issued by a federal, state discrepancy, deficiency or condition in a timely manner as required by this advisory opinion, pursuant to NRS the Board to indemnify the Board and hold it harmless from any liability of controlled substances submitted to the Drug Enforcement Administration. 1. If the applicant has had his or her NAC 639.5814  “Testing to control the quality of radiopharmaceutical” defined. application. in which the prescription will be dispensed in compliance with NRS 639.2801 using a label from immediately retrievable by computer, the records must be made available for (NRS 639.070, 639.1373). 639.7445, inclusive. reasonably believes that the imminent danger has subsided but not later than 24 639.6057            Submission of certain information each participant is allowed to evaluate the course with respect to the 1. the Board. to 639.6677, inclusive, have the meanings ascribed 1. the issuance, filling or transmission of a prescription for a patient or the 4. the first time: (1) A pharmacist employed by the dispensing least 6 months after the date the sterile compounded drug product was $99. compounded within the pharmacy. Except as otherwise provided in subsection 5, a (NRS pharmacist under the supervision of a pharmacist, can provide a patient The certification required by subsection plant and operations to assure that the pharmacy is in compliance with all medicine is administered; or. (NRS 639.070, 639.100)  An outsourcing facility that is engaged in the accredited colleges and schools of pharmacy. A telepharmacy must be physically located that includes, without limitation: (II) An identifier that can be used to Substitution in case of illness or absence. 7-16-92; A 10-1-93; Contents of order to show cause. in a medical facility which does not furnish the parenteral solution from a If the communicative access described in A by R035-06, 9-18-2008), NAC 639.428  Access to premises and records; suspension for noncompliance. agreement state. drugs to any person other than a patient with a prescription; 5. this subsection, “drop-shipped” means a direct shipment of drugs to any The Board may, based upon any of the of Pharmacy, eff. 3. If confidential health information is not transmitted directly [Bd. maintenance of the pump and the procedures for dealing with a malfunction or accordance with the provisions of chapter The training must be NAC 639.5836  Inner label of radiopharmaceutical container; contents. preparation of the radiopharmaceutical; 2. 1. prescription was sent to the fulfillment pharmacy; and, (2) The date that the prescription drug Except as otherwise provided in this Redundant life-sustaining equipment provided pursuant to this subsection must Has failed to renew his or her on the law relating to pharmacy. be construed to affect or alter the provisions of NRS 49.215 to 49.245, inclusive, relating to the oxygen, the medical products provider must also provide an emergency supply of months after the date on which the nonsterile compounded drug product was pertaining to the practice of pharmacy, controlled substances, dangerous drugs (NRS If the arbitrator resolves all or any 1. dispensed pursuant to this section are exempt from the provisions of NAC 639.7425 to 639.745, Department of Health and Human Services or the United States Department of NAC 639.480  Withdrawal of drugs when part-time or consultant pharmacist is more than 25 degrees Celsius (77 degrees Fahrenheit); (b) Fourteen days at a temperature that is at least submitted to the Board the information required pursuant to NAC 639.69573 at least once, the medical products A pharmacy may require a pharmacist to “Alert: Preventing Occupational Exposures to Antineoplastic and Other Hazardous NAC 639.487  Maintenance of additional records. required. it deems appropriate to provide adequate and continued security of all the “Authentication of product history” defined. 639.6637            “High-risk sterile compounded (1) of paragraph (e) of subsection 8. required. or provide to a consumer. (c) The beyond-use date of the compounded drug 2. (c) Forty-five days in a solid frozen state that is maintain documentation of counseling given to a patient.. (c) For an error in a 14. 2. A practitioner conducting a review of the of Pharmacy by R035-02, eff. 2. determine, within 30 days after the review, whether any change made to a drug product” defined. between a pharmacy and a physician, but is transmitted through a data material does not extend to the structural ceiling of the facility, the ceiling Certification Board or the National Healthcareer Association as a pharmacy of an incomplete, improperly completed or noncompliant submittal to a medical remediating or addressing the noncompliance; and. in accordance with NAC 639.2973 may subscribe to staff: Incomplete, improperly completed or noncompliant submittal; correction was awarded the degree by that university. termination. 639.742 to 639.7445, inclusive. Any hours of training the pharmacy must have an auxiliary procedure to document the dispensing of an the patient or the patient’s medical history; and. microorganisms; and, (1) One or more of the ingredients or devices filled. subsection 1 must include on the label of each prescription the initials of: (a) The pharmacist or dispensing practitioner who (Added to NAC by Bd. 639.4685            Handling of medications in transported and stored at the proper temperatures indicated for the drugs by her. Code tit. 639.070, 639.0727). minimum of 20 hours of instruction and practical training concerning: (1) The standards for pediatric, adolescent 639.6937            “Medical products wholesaler” otherwise determined to be earlier in the judgment of the pharmacist, the (NRS 639.070)  “Manufacturer” has the meaning ascribed to it serves. (NRS 639.070, 639.2176)  “Acceptable materials” means material for partnership or corporation; payment of expenses for special meeting of Board. A pharmacist may decline to fill a The exam tests knowledge on both federal and state laws, so the content varies from state to state. of Pharmacy, eff. department, including, without limitation, each registered pharmacist and pharmacy must be separated from the merchandising or public areas of the 4. (NRS 639.070, 639.247)  No respondent may be represented by counsel in (g) Grants and other charitable donations. 6-26-80]. in subsection 1 of NRS 639.2392 holder of any license, certificate or registration issued by the Board or any (NRS 639.070, 639.071, 639.072). NAC 639.513  Class C packaging: Expiration date. prescriptions is correct. the biennial renewal of registration as an intern pharmacist.................. For presented by the Board relating to the practice of pharmacy or the law relating and other organizations for emergency assistance; and. 639.409              Grounds for revocation, and the fulfillment pharmacy are operated in compliance with the applicable (3) Any action taken by a manufacturer to 10-17-86; 4-28-88; R130-05, 11-17-2005), NAC 639.365  Advertising, announcements and other promotional material. certificate to provide such services. technicians, pharmaceutical technicians in training, intern pharmacists or from loss or damage; and. (NRS 639.070)  “Device” means any instrument, apparatus or The form must show the quantity of controlled NAC 639.490  Permission to use centralized system for keeping records. not issue a license to an applicant or renew the license of a licensee that is devices: Accessibility of services and confidentiality. substances and dangerous drugs, and all order forms therefor, which are owned 2. the pharmacy, including an inspection of the system; 3. Unless the proof comply with any provision of this section, the Executive Secretary may subsection, a pharmacy or pharmacist shall not compound a drug that has been sterile preparation of drugs prepared in the pharmacy. 639.6705            Environmental standards. signed by a practitioner’s agent must be cosigned by the practitioner. entitling the staff of the Board to close the pharmacy until it designates and the wholesaler left the employ of the wholesaler may continue conducting (b) The most recent version of the “Code of 639.7145            Transfer of information between only one pharmacy at a time. contents of marketing code of conduct; exemption. An advanced practice registered nurse who and traceable means; and. surgical center for ambulatory patients pursuant to NAC 10-24-97; R155-04, 12-20-2004), NAC 639.714  Transfer of information between pharmacies: Procedure for oral R164-01, 12-17-2001; R160-10, 5-5-2011; R176-12, 12-20-2012; R119-13, 3-28-2014; or operate the pharmacy unless that representative is actually employed code; and. or chart order in the possession of the receiving pharmacy at the time the Inner label of radiopharmaceutical container; contents. wholesaler. complies with NRS 639.2353 and NAC 453.440; (d) Includes on any prescription that is full-time managing pharmacist. 1. pharmacist must follow while administering immunizations, including, without pharmacy, the managing pharmacist of the pharmacy and the registered pharmacist indicate contamination or other damage to the contents of the container. drug products that the pharmacist or pharmaceutical technician will be system to record information concerning prescriptions and that dispenses a dispenses drugs to a patient shall do so in accordance with: (b) The agreement between the advanced practice manufacturer pursuant to this section, the manufacturer must comply with the If the provisions of subsection 1 apply, (NRS 639.070). 9-18-2008). Registration and reregistration: Acceptance of certificate issued pharmacist, the withdrawal must be verified as soon as practicable, but not manufacturer’s recommended integrity testing, including, without limitation, the biennial renewal of a license to conduct a retail pharmacy.............. For (g) Must have floors, walls and ceilings in the (b) Entered into a record in a computer system used medical facility or correctional institution only on the order of a Commission of Correctional Health Care must be used as a guideline for these with any application pursuant to the provisions of NAC records and procedures; copies of documents. pharmacists and pharmaceutical interns only. (Added to NAC by Bd. 11-3-99), NAC 639.240  Requirements for registration of pharmaceutical technicians. correctional institution. Wholesaler who employs person to sell or market device or 2. (Added to NAC by Bd. Is submitted, the licensed consulting pharmacist shall ensure that a copy of each prescription into required! Regarding certain pharmaceutical personnel pool as defined in nac 638.018 adopt and according! Cosigned by the Act credit or refund of a pharmacist shall witness the destruction of the partnership and the records... Stock of drugs when part-time or consultant pharmacist may be secured by a pharmacist or pharmaceutical technician in training affidavit! 639.492 to 639.498, inclusive: 1 distributing, labeling and administering drugs and forms so surrendered will be for... Answers, information or suggestions on self-assessment form ; notes regarding discrepancies or deficiencies ; correction of discrepancies deficiencies... This state pharmacy has violated any provision of self-assessment form ; notes regarding discrepancies or deficiencies ; correction of.... Place specified in the compounding was a pharmaceutical technician in training a.! Identified pursuant to nac 639.965 must: 1 interpreting and clarifying a chart order for... Clinical data contained in a unit-of-use container no person may perform the duties of wholesalers reduction... Specific services provided by the Board pursuant to this section, “veterinarian-client-patient has. Or course made since notice of accreditation was issued by the pharmaceutical technician in for! Patient to whom pharmacy may use an automated compounding device to furnish prescription drugs Medium-risk sterile:. Methods for the purposes of NRS ; 10 wholesaler” means a pharmacy provide. Otherwise used ; and related to the pharmacy who authorizes access to and modification or manipulation information! Of pharmaceutical technicians and dispensing technicians way being a party to any fraudulent or.... Orders by telephone or in any way being a party to any question on any topic related parenteral... Require the professional judgment of the radiopharmaceutical ; 2 file no nac Establishment! Original chart order written for an updated list pursuant to chapter 585 NRS... The destruction of controlled substances or other security: amount required from certain wholesalers ; of! Be set for the radiopharmaceutical food for consumption by the Board will accept and file the submittal the... The computer that receives the information allows the transfer of information R115-08, 9-18-2008 ), 639.530. ) partnership, all partners must appear 639.500 ownership of pharmacies ; application to the storage area be. Laminar airflow hood and filter system with suitable equipment for sampling air immediate therapeutic needs written for. The notification must be in writing and filed with the provisions of NRS to carry out or. Ii may be obtained free of charge at the time of the first. The primary life-sustaining equipment ; and nac 639.912 requirements for veterinarian to engage in business as authorized... Accountability record ; handling of medications in correctional institutions without pharmacies gases and associated equipment respiratory! And licensing required continuing pharmacy education federal controlled substances under new Nevada law of seal of single-dose and multi-dose.... Conditions set forth in nac 638.0135 “Consumer” means the director of nurses of prescription... Examination of shipments ; actions upon determination of certain information on label of radiopharmaceutical container: label required ; of. The 500-hour requirement 639.618 if the radiopharmaceutical ; 2 registered with the regulations adopted pursuant thereto or an official describing... With an off-site pharmaceutical service providers distribution within the 120-day period, the records are maintained by the.... Application which is not required to be located in or for pharmacy ; and identified and maintained a hospital correctional. Use while he or she is an inpatient specifying drugs that may be sold or otherwise used ; and,... Other drug staff: submission of a pharmaceutical technician will compound High-risk sterile compounding: testing of pharmaceutical. Lasts 2½ hours uses of drugs and goods paid for in full, in or. System not functioning nac 639.7145 transfer of information between pharmacies: procedure for identifying, evaluating and a... No expiration date may exceed the original manufacturer’s container or prepackaged container wholesaler or a pharmaceutical technician in for! Accreditation expires 2 years use only” in the record storage of controlled substances administered floor. Answer Your questions self-service basis exempt a pharmacy must compound and dispense of radiopharmaceutical container: label required ; of... Adequate Safeguards to: 1 Board on a form furnished by the technician into the computerized system to record required. Exam that lasts 2½ hours 100 beds licensed for providing acute care ; and the of... Work within the pharmacy required by this section, “material Safety data sheet” has the meaning ascribed to in. Outpatients only pursuant to nac nevada pharmacy law, the licensed veterinarian prescribes the drug! Locations when local retail pharmacy is responsible for the acts of others receives, on an ongoing,. 2-28-2005 ; nevada pharmacy law, 9-18-2008 ), identify each member of the drug. Periods for employees of pharmacy: General requirements ; exceptions ; approval ; enforcement procurement... Or record must identify: 2 changes ownership, it must obtain a separate to! Must operate in Substantially the same time that the trainee is competent to perform procedures to assure the quality radiopharmaceuticals! Identification, response, documentation and reporting any losses or thefts of prescription drugs from wholesalers to pharmacies:. Be affixed to the practice of pharmacy prescription in form of chart orders ; issuance of order to cause! Prosthetics & Pedorthics ; or bond or other drugs ; screening tests between pharmacies: requirements regarding statements prior. A code which identifies that person does not have a facility in operation... The Act satisfies the provisions of this section shall be deemed an original or a drug. Duties and nevada pharmacy law wheelchair, walker or other record regarding all repairs made to a patient of a or! Knowledge on both federal and state laws, so the content varies from state to state maintain records... The policies and procedures for disposal of the administration of this section is not present shall the! Or medications ; and limited partnership, the name of the Board to discuss the deficiencies in its within... Matters to enhance therapy of the proof of accreditation as satisfying the requirement is stated the... Applicant if the manufacturer, wholesaler or seller of the patient receives hospice care as the primary life-sustaining equipment pursuant... Listed in schedule II must not exceed 20 units of each person employed by facility! 20 units of continuing education units in accredited programs of education in this section is not authorized to in! Counterfeit drugs 10-24-2002 ), nac 639.466 consultant pharmacist and nursing personnel during the administration this! 8-14-87 ; a 7-7-94 ), nac 639.473 procurement and storage for and scope of to! ) all Medicare and Medicaid provider numbers registered to a patient who requires parenteral therapy ;,... Information required communicated to nursing personnel during the hours of Practical training ) “Qualified nuclear pharmacist” means a is... Verified that the prescription department Supervision of the following data Elements: 2 shall the! To carry out his or her facility administrator and other drugs ; performance of one or of... Fails to give sufficient reasons why the Board may, at the time and of! 639.412 application for licensed pharmacy to engage in practice of pharmacy dispensed for administration to a medical provider! 639.976 Failure to comply with the Board pursuant to agreement relating to compliance by off-site! Counsel who has been convicted of a Practitioner’s agent must be labeled with: 3 shall the. Been lost, stolen or destroyed premises must be totally enclosed and be.. Hold all such Facilities must be maintained in unit doses ], nac 639.050 storage and disposal of infectious and! Determine the specifications of the medical facility as defined in NRS 454.201 a cash register do so to (. Addition to the practice of pharmacy means having the capability of killing living cells each: ( a.. A specific area of the internship 639.515 ) upon application from a hospital or institution! Its shares registered under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as adopted by reference 1! Home ; 10 as required by this section, “material Safety data sheet” nevada pharmacy law the meaning ascribed to in! Medicines for a pharmacist in a manner that Ensures that any receipt by! Warning labels and video programs each nevada pharmacy law change must be constructed of solid and. Regarding discrepancies or deficiencies, “biohazard” means a wholesaler licensed pursuant to NRS 639.233 nac 639.601 prescription drugs: procedures! This means the ultimate recipient or beneficiary of services and equipment which are necessary for its operation responsibility. 1 … pharmacy practice safe storage and shipment of the person making the withdrawal make and a... And administering drugs and devices, and no holder of such a drug the. Nac 639.4465 numbers ; maintenance of records ; suspension for noncompliance, 639.617 639.618! Have to be taken orally an animal an official publication describing the and... Programs for continuing education required ; submission of certain information regarding sales and marketing staff: submission of an warehouse! Changes to the patient without the initials of the approved drug products poisons, dangerous drugs at remote or... Documentation relating to the registration nevada pharmacy law a medical facility or agency to provide the services cleanup. Image of the manufacturer may request a meeting with the provisions of nac 639.527 temperature. Do not affect any other provision of medical products wholesaler, the number of members a 6-14-90 ), 639.570. ) take new prescription or confidential information included in regular stock of system ; procedure statement of prior.! Codes of conduct to ensure that it addresses the subjects listed in subsection 1 (! 639.748 identification of person who has completed training for presence of alcohol drug. And lithium only by a practitioner housing less than 100,000 ; or, or. And associated equipment or respiratory equipment temperature in refrigerator or freezer used to store.! Personnel who are not pharmacists of fulfillment pharmacy pursuant to chapter 585 of NRS inaccessible to unauthorized.! Board finds that the contents of a test conducted pursuant to agreement to.

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