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by Brett Porter, Toronto Send City Coordinator


“Would you consider leading a small group?” I felt my friend was ready to lead and would do a great job. She had natural leadership ability and had grown spiritually in the months she’d attended our home group.

“I’m not sure I can,” she answered.

When I asked why not, I discovered that I was the reason she felt inadequate. I had been leading the small group using all my favorite technology. She didn’t have the gadgets or the know-how to use them. I also used Bible study methods she hadn’t been taught. No wonder she was fearful of leading a small group, because what she saw me do was not reproducible for her.

Jesus words are simple, “go and make disciples of all the nations…teaching these new disciples to obey all the commands I have given you.” This command begins the cycle…make disciples who make disciples who make disciples….

If the call is to make disciples who make disciples, then everything I do should be reproducible. Consider this and every other aspect when planting a new church. If our worship service is too costly, too intricate, or too hard for people to learn—or do themselves—we are missing the mark. If we set up small groups that are complicated or intricate, we may prevent new disciples from becoming disciple-makers..

Take a look at the following diagram, called Stages (via Fellowship Pickering, taken from an adaptation of Paul Johnson’s, of the CNBC, discipleship plan found here)…

Stages Logo


I love a good “pour over coffee” (it’s so pure and so good).  Take a look at this diagram. Think through all the things you have going on in ministry and do a “pour over” into this diagram.  Are people able to move through the stages with confidence to become disciple-makers?  Are we leading in ways to empower others to lead?

Praying for disciples who are making disciples and churches that are starting new churches to continue to come to life across the Greater Toronto Area.