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by: Andrew Lamme, Church Planting Catalyst


Got your attention now?

If you really believe that God is asking you and your family to start a new work, you better make sure you are clear in that understanding. One of the roles I play in finding new emerging church planting leaders is to talk them out of it. Sound strange? Let me explain why.

Starting new churches is hard work. There is a huge impact on numerous people in a church plant.

  • First: You – the planter and your family (if married). The cost of starting a new church is huge. It impacts your relationships – with your spouse, children, friends and anyone that you interact with on a regular basis. If your marriage is not stable, healthy and strong, it could be in significant trouble down the road as you move further into church planting.
  • Second: The community surrounding the church plant. If a church is planted and then 24 months later is gone – for whatever reason – the spiritual implications on that community are enormous. People will remember for a long time and this makes it much harder for the next church planter who comes along.

My own personal heart is to see you fulfill what God has laid upon your heart. I desire for you to know what God is calling you to do regardless of what others may say or think.

If you sense God is directing your path to starting a new church, click HERE and let’s start the conversation about what God is doing in your life. ¬†Look forward to meeting you.