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Last year I took my 12-year old son to Canada’s Wonderland. Of course, he wanted to go on the “Leviathan”, the biggest coaster there. We lined up for almost an hour, shooting the breeze while we waited, people watching, and trying not to admit to the other that this thing looked really scary. By the time we made it to the front we were both ready and apprehensive. I wondered how he would do. We loaded up and started up that first hill. Clickity-clack, clickity-clack, clickity-clack. Once we crested over that first hill everything is a blur. Break neck speeds. Sheer exhilaration. Feelings of being out of control. Life on the edge. Pressure at every turn. Fear. Joy. Anxiety. Excitement. And then…as quick as it started…it was over. As we unloaded we were already talking about going again. Laughing. Comparing our experience. Telling stories of those around us.

The journey of planting a church is kind of like riding the “Leviathan”. Complete with incredible highs as we see God at work. Frustrating lows as people make poor choices or let us down. We experience both joy and frustration. Fear and excitement. Anxiety and contentment.

I can’t imagine embarking on my church planting journey without my wife. I imagine most planters feel the same. No one likes to ride a roller coaster alone. Thank you for taking this journey with us.

  • Thank you for getting in line with us – talking, processing, praying, discerning his call, and reminding us of his call when we find it hard to remember.
  • Thank you for risking with us – making financial sacrifices, leaving the comfortable, going ‘all in’, not allowing fear or anxiety to deter us from our call.
  • Thank you for what you bring to this journey – the gifts you bring, the stability you add, the sacrifices you make, the things you do that no one will ever see or thank you for.
  • Thank you for supporting us – debriefing after a failed event, celebrating with our successes, taking a heavy share of the parenting load, and continually sharing your authentic self

You are the unsung heroes of church planting. May you recognize your value in the Kingdom. May you see the fruit of your sacrifice. May your marriage grow thru the ups and downs. May you enjoy this wild ride you are on.