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Church Planter Jose Fasolino
Every opportunity we have to learn and grow is a great opportunity, especially if it’s related to what we’re doing on a daily basis. Therefore for us as Christians, SEND was an enriching experience. We knew where we were going. What we did not know was that it was going to be beyond our expectations! Emmanuel Baptist Church East brought a group of four church leaders, which is 25% of our Church. How awesome is that!!

We left behind our spouses, children and homes to spend the next five days doing something we all have been called to do. Live our lives on mission. From the moment we left our “comfort zone” for the 14 hour car ride, we began experiencing something we would come to understand as “life on mission”. This was the most important thing we brought back. We understand now that the place where we are living, working, studying, doing everyday life, is our mission field. Those around us; our family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers are the ones we need to reach. And even though this is probably something we already knew, it is the main reason our lives and hearts are oriented toward church planting – meaning planting churches that plant churches that plant churches…

Our experience at Send2015 was the flame that lit a fuse which nothing can extinguish!

Church Planter Gelvi Urribarri
The Send conference was an awesome experience. My family got to experience a well organized event and was able to meet part of our huge Baptist family. But for me the highlight of this trip was the words of my 21 years old, Jose, when he told me how amazing the whole movement is. He was surprised to see the movement that is supporting the church he is helping to plant in Toronto.

Church Planter Derrick Wilhelmus
My wife and I just returned from an awesome conference in Nashville, Tennessee where we worshipped with 13,500 people, prayed with them, and learned with them from many amazing speakers. This two day event was awesome! The focus was to live out our faith by planting churches, sharing the gospel, making disciples, embracing the life Christ has called us to, and the need to support these efforts.

As I reflect, my heart has much joy and sadness. Joy in the fact that there are many embracing this calling; sadness because many more are not embracing this calling. We need to live an active Christian life. We need to be sharing the gospel with others, we need to be walking alongside others, and we need to be investing in others. We are God’s servants. Our task is to first and foremost represent Him!

People will be quick to share with you places of interest, such as: great restaurants, exciting tourist attractions, a great bargain at a retail store, or a favourite book. But many have difficulty sharing Jesus. Why is this? For everything we enjoy is by the grace of God. Why find pleasure in these things when we can find ultimate pleasure in Him, the One who created everything?

Being a follower of Christ isn’t a solo experience. We work better in numbers. I would encourage you to join us on this journey. Let’s live out our faith together.